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How to Activate your
College Coach Subscription

STEP 1: Login to your Universal Tennis account

Go to:

Click sign in (or "Join" if you don't have an account) in the top right hand corner

Then sign in or join (see example below)


Step 2: Get set up as an owner of your College Page

**Skip this step if you already know you are the owner of your page**

- If you are not already set up as an owner on your team's College Page, then please email

- In your email please state the School and which Team(s) you are the coach of (example: Men, Women, or Both) and what your position is (example: head coach, assistant coach, etc..)

- If you are not sure if you or the owner or not you can check by doing the following: (Make sure you are signed in to your Universal Tennis Account Login before doing the steps below)

After you login, go to your schools universal tennis college team page.

**Please note that Universal Tennis has already created the College team pages of every school in the country and this is NOT something that you can create yourself. If for some reason you cannot locate your college team page, please email and explain this.

After you have located your school's college team page, look near the top of the your college team page next to the schools name and look at the black button (see example picture below)

If you ARE NOT an owner of the team page then it will say "Follow" (or you are not signed in)

If you ARE an owner of the team page the black button will say "Try UTR College"

If the black button on your page says neither of these options, please contact for assistance before moving on to the next steps!

Step 3: Activate your College College Subscription on your College Team page

Now that you are signed in and have confirmed you are an owner of your College Team page you can Activate your College Coach Subscription!

To do this:

First go back to the top of the team page and click the black button previously mentioned that says "Try UTR College" next to your team name

Once you have clicked this black button a pop up should appear that looks like the picture below

Here you will click the black button labeled "Upgrade For Only $149 (USD)"

This will then take you to your last step which is to provide your payment information (see picture below)

LAST STEP: Once you provide your payment information by filling out the box shown in the picture above, finish by clicking the black button one last time that now says "Upgrade to UTR College" (Please note that "Upgrade to UTR College is what activates your College Coach Subscription)

Congratulations! You have successfully Activated your College Coach Subscription by upgrading your college team page !

Need a receipt?

If you have now successfully upgraded your page and need a receipt or invoice, please email to request one.

In your request please include your:

  • Name
  • Email
  • School Name
  • College team page you would like the receipt for (Men's team, Women's team, or Both)
  • Step 4: Reach out to the Universal Tennis College Team

    Reach out to learn how to fully utilize your College Team Page to help with the following:

  • Recruiting tools
  • Creating your own Events
  • Hosting Events Organized by Universal Tennis (College Circuits, College Camps, Showcases, Pro Events (PTT), Junior Pathway)
  • Updating your Rosters
  • Comparing Line Ups
  • Generating Revenue
  • Growing your Fan Base and Community
  • Expanding your Team's Brand
  • Finding Events