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How to Publish your Summer Camps and Circuits!

Step 1: Login to your Universal Tennis account

Go to:

Click sign in (or "Join" if you don't have an account) in the top right hand corner

Then sign in or join (see example below)


Step 2: Go to your school's profile

**Skip this step if you already know how to get to your school's profile**

Once you are signed in to your account, in the search box, type the name of your school and make sure you click on the correct "Men" or "Women" division, and it will take you to your profile!

Step 3: Scroll down and click on the "Events" tab to see all your events!

Now that you are in your profile scroll down and you will see the "Events" tab. Click on it and it will display all the events under your division.

Step 4: Look for your event and click on it


Once you clicked "EVENTS" and you are able to see all the events under your division, click on the one you want to Edit or Publish.

Notice that the events that are not published will be under the status of "Draft".

Step 5: Once on the event's page, check all the information!

  • You are on your event's page, notice that this is a DRAFT of your event on the top left corner of your page.
  • Inside your event's page make sure all the information is correct, if not, feel free to click on the button "Edit Event" to make any edition on it.

Step 6: After ensuring the event's information is correct, publish your event!

If all the event's information is correct and your event is ready to be published, go ahead and click on the black button "Publish".

It is ready! Your event has been successfully published and is now open to players for registration!

Please notice that this example is based on a Circuit but for a Summer Camp just follow the same steps!

Do not hesitate to contact if you have questions!