The UTR Local Coordinator

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Client Testimonials

"Our players love the different event options/formats, flexibility and that it's close to home."

- Ari Zuckerman, Centercourt Tennis Club

“Having UTR in our backyard has allowed our players to improve their rating without incurring time & travel expenses.”  

- Rohan Goetzke, Director of Tennis at IMG

“We're all able to play in the same tournament and cheer each other on. UTR has opened doors to being able to do something as a family."

- Adam A. UTR 5.01, Tennis parent and player (pictured below with his family)

The Local Coordinator Role

Run Events

Use your UTR digital club to run events (match-play days, leagues, big/small tournaments, staggered entry/City Championships, etc.) in your local community, whether at your own facility or as a tournament service provider at local clubs. The minimum requirement is to run two (2) events/month.

Refer Business

Connect club prospects in your local area to a UTR representative and receive a commission.

Get Trained

Go through one week of training (approximately six hour time commitment) to become UTR event certified and learn the ins-and-outs of the product, algorithm and culture.


You can refer business from outside of your given geography by submitting a list prior to your start date. Typically, territories span no greater than 100 miles, but exceptions can and are made (especially Internationally). Typically, no more than two LCs work in a given territory.

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